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Xpull Weightpull Harness

We don’t Imitate, we Innovate!

Welcome to the Extreme Dog Gear Xpull Weightpull Harness information page. Here you will find the new padded pull harness. There are new harness makers out there everyday making copy paste products. Extreme Dog Gear is innovating into the dog gear game since 1998 and we are very exacting about your dog’s proper harness fit. We are not the same, we are different.

Everyone knows the regular weightpull harnesses on the market today. The are all made with fleece on the inside to make the harness look soft. One fleece of the worst symptoms is burning skin. So after a year of testing and innovation we made the new xpull soft & padded harness. This harness is not only lighter in weight, it is also water resistant.

A considerable measure of the harnesses available today pull the dog up ever more elevated in the front end the heavier the weight gets. On the other hand the back straps are fluttering in the wind or in the thoroughly wrong position. Our weightpull harnesses are likewise intended to keep the dog’s head position low when pulling and equitably convey the weight over their body to forestall harm and undue anxiety or stress.

If you want a proper designed harness that can be used in UPF, APA, ADBA, UKC, IWPA and other National Championships, you found the right place. The Extreme Dog Gear Xpull harness is not a mass production harness. Each pulling harness is made by hand and measurements are made with the dog in our atelier. Or you can go to one of our resellers to test one of the harnesses and if the harness does not fit, our reseller knows how to measure your dog and we will make a perfect fit weightpull harness for your dog.

The Xpull harness by Extreme Dog Gear brings weightpulling to the next level in dog sports. Quality Conquers All!

Xpull is a registered trademark of Extreme Dog Gear.

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