Extreme Dog Supplements

Extreme Dog Supplements tops the list of canine nutrition and mass-gain supplement for any breed of working dog, such as English & American Staffordshire terrier, Labrador Retrievers, Golden Retrieve, Rottweilers, Pitbulls, Bully, American Bulldogs, German Shepherds, Breeders, sport dogs, working police dogs, army dogs and K9 athletes.

We have just launched Extreme Dog Supplements to the public now, but we are not the next snake oil scam. We have been successfully running the working dogs nutrition and supplement business for years. Our clients include top canine breeders, K9 police, Patrol dog owners, personal protection professionals, show ring competitors, detectives, agility competitors and working dog enthusiasts to name a few!

Extreme Dog Supplements are not the first or the only working dog supplement in the market. There are many! But… the qualities that set us apart from the crowd cannot be beaten by any of our competitors.

Extreme Dog Supplements set the standard in the dog nutritional supplement industry by providing 100% pharmaceutical grade ingredients in all the products, that means they are also suitable for human use.

We take pride in our rigorous approach to ensuring filler-free and quality products for canine and working dogs. This means that every scoop of the product is 100% pure ingredients. So with Extreme Dog Supplements, you will get 100% value for your money.

Our products are not only excellent in quality, but comes in great packaging too. All of our supplements are produced and packed in Europe. We give special attention to the packing of the product so it is easy to handle and easy to feed out of the bag without spilling.