Rope Leashes

Rope Leashes

  • A strong Rope Leash is as important accessory as a collar. You should be very careful when you choose the Rope Leash. Extreme Dog Gear offers a great variety of dog Rope Leashes made only of high quality private label heavy duty soft rope.

    These Rope Leashes are not only beautiful but are durable too. They are crafted in Europe and made of the finest quality and long lasting materials. UV proof and water proof – that means it will not lose its strength even when exposed to UV or water. No salt water! Salt water will damage every type of iron.

    Unlike conventional rope that loses their appearance after some time; we use military grade rope that is made to stand UV, oil and water exposure.

    Let’s sum up what you can expect from Extreme dog gear’s Rope Leashes:
    • Long-lasting
    • Heat resistant
    • Washable
    • Safe
    • Stylish
    • Low maintenance

    Each Extreme Dog Gear rope leash is handcrafted from start to finish.

    Note! Unlike other brands, Extreme Dog Gear uses a special clamp press so the rope clamps fit perfect around the rope. This guarantees that your dog is always safe with our rope leashes.


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Rope Leashes