Extreme X-Back harness

Extreme X Back Harness

  • Extreme Dog Gear is proud sponsor of the Nuyvilaq Siberian Husky Racing Team. The team owners Mushers, Martijn and Angelique Verhaegen did approach us to supply a new product to match their ideas.

    So after looking for better materials, this new x back harness was born out of a need for great new lighter and stronger harness.

    Thanks to Nuyvilaq Siberian Husky Racing Team who contributed their thoughts and expertise. Extreme Dog Gear has transformed the old x-back harness into a better, lighter and stronger Extreme X Back Harness.

    The Extreme X Back Harness are all manufactured by Extreme Dog Gear with only premium quality materials. We use only the best all weather, heavy duty threading to sew everything together. Our harnesses include a reinforced breast plate that has soft padding and is lightweight. Extreme Dog Gear X-Back sled dog harnesses are designed to fit the Northern Breed Body type and are also offered in oversize to fit XL Breed.

  • Nuyvilaq Siberian Husky Racing Team Extreme Dog Gear

The Extreme X Back Harness is available in our local shop in Amerongen The Netherlands. You can bring your dog to test the Harness on our HF Mill to see it in action. With the dog on in our atelier we can customize the harness to make every harness fit.

The Extreme Dog Gear’s x back harness comes in the sizes: S, M, L and XL. This is not mass production, all mushing gear is hand made by our team in Holland. Quality Conquers All in the sled dog supply industries.

Extreme X Back Harness