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  • Garrett and Stephanie from Hinshaw Pits

    Garrett and Stephanie from Hinshaw Pits

    We have been in the dog game for 10 years and have had a lot of experience with working dogs. That being said we have seen a lot of collars.
    In our experience with these collars they are made the most durable due to the ring on the collar being stitched on the side rather than it looping around the collar. The material is very strong and holds well to my dogs pulling.
    We recommend extreme dog gear collars to anyone who has a strong pulling dog and hard working dog who will put these collars to use.

  • Chris Torsila

    Chris Torsila

    Thank you so much for my new collars, I absolutely love them and they arrived so quickly! I am a proud owner of 4 pit bulls.
    I sport with them in water, mud, rain and snow. I hunt wild boar 8 times a year. The old collars are still in good shape. It was time for some new fresh colors. Keep up the good work!.

  • Kinzy Pitbull Team

    Kinzy Pitbull Team

    We use your special d-ring collars for all our APBT's. The collars stay good during the tough workouts. Much better control on short and long leash. The quality is something you cannot get anywhere.
    I look forward to your future extreme dog gear. A new type strong nylon harness is what i look for. Can you make one? Diva is my strongest pitbull and she needs one.

  • Mandy Tursa, 2010 Noth Pole Dogsled team

    Mandy Tursa, 2010 Noth Pole Dogsled team

    Your collars did and excellent job during dogsledding and skiing on the North Pole.
    Its was easy guiding them over pressure ridges and around open water leads during long 8 hour walks. The best dog gear we had so far.

  • Victor Lavir, KBC private security

    Victor Lavir, KBC private security

    Perfect crastmanship, extreme dog gear is great to work with. Our dog security company bought about 25 collars with maching leads over the past 8 years.
    These strong nylon collars perfectly fit in the daily fieldwork. Fast delivery and excellent service.

  • Dave Castido G-Protect dog security services

    Dave Castido G-Protect dog security services

    All dog Handlers employed by our private security organisation DBS use extreme dog gear since 2008.
    We wish you luck selling your collars to private dog owners. Thank you for all the custom work you do for us.

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Extreme Dog Supplements and Gears set the standard in the dog nutritional supplement and gear industry. Each formula is produced in our HACCP and NVWA guideline facility in The Netherlands to ensure that we meet the highest standards in quality, integrity and labeling guidelines. As a direct manufacturer of collars & sport harnesses, we have our own manufacturing facilities for meeting your needs. We don’t use 70 year old equipment, in our atelier we have an extensive range of state of the art sewing machines.